Friends of the Market

We invite all patrons of the market and the local community to consider investing a yearly sum of $33 to become a Friend of the Market at our award-winning Riverland Farmers’ Market.

Becoming a Friend is a wonderful way of supporting the Riverland Farmers’ Market, whilst enjoying the benefits of discounted shopping.

Friends sign

Benefits are:
• 2 complimentary breakfasts with beverages at the breakfast bar (up to $20 value)
• automatic free entry to Farmers’ Market raffles
• 10% discount at all stalls (except for the breakfast bar).

Upon joining (at the Co-op table), Friends will receive a membership card in a card-holder with lanyard to present to each trader to receive their discount. Cards are valid for 12 months from the beginning of each financial year.

Participation in this scheme will not only benefit Friends’ weekly shopping budgets but will also help stallholders to develop better signage and displays, and create stronger relationships with their customers, benefitting both customers and stallholders.

Food Riverland members are automatically Friends of the Market.


Please see our volunteers at the Co-op Stall at the Market for further details about how to join.