About Us

To our faithful Farmers Market community,
Food Riverland is announcing a temporary recess of the Riverland Farmers’ Market, while the volunteer committee plans a new-look financially sustainable market event for the region.
The current format of the market is not financially sustainable, and while significant efforts have been made by both volunteer committee and staff (past and present) to change the viability, it has now reached a point where the remaining funds cannot support continuing without significant change to the market.
Our last market before recess will be Saturday 11th May. We’d love to see you all in our last couple of weeks to give the current market a proper send off.
The recess of the market will allow stallholders, committee and community to have a break over the traditionally quieter winter months to consider what a new market could look like, and what structures would need to be in place to deliver it.
We thank all of the market stallholders, market managers, staff, committee of past and present. We particularly would like to acknowledge the people who have week-in, week-out attended the market as stallholders, staff and volunteers who have dedicated early starts on Saturday to the event.
We understand the market is a well loved event in the community and though we would love to keep it going as it is, it simply isn’t viable. We hope all of our attendees will support our future initiatives, in addition to a new customer base, and more stallholders we hope to attract by taking a fresh approach to the event.

Thanks for your understanding,
Food Riverland Committee